From hazard to risk: The science of planning for future tsunamis 

November 7-8, 2024, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, University of Oregon, Eugene

Workshop Goals

From hazard to risk: The science of planning for future tsunamis

This cross-disciplinary workshop will review state-of-the-art of tsunami risk assessments, scientific gaps, and technical advancements to be implemented in the future. Designed to be of interest to participants from different scientific and engineering fields, the workshop will address four core themes:

1) Geophysics: science of earthquakes and tsunamis
2) Probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment (PTHA): the methodology of how we quantify uncertain hazards
3) Fragility analysis: from hazard to risk
4) Implementation: How do our models/estimates make it into policy and industry applications?

Photo source: PBSSoCalBettmann/Contributor/Getty Images

Draft Agenda

Note: all times Pacific Time

Day 1: Thursday, November 7

Catching up on the state of the field 

  • Morning 1: Review theme 1 
  • Morning 2: Review theme 2 
  • Lunch w/posters 
  • Afternoon 1: Review theme 3 
  • Afternoon 2: Review theme 4 
  • Poster Session (cash bar) 

Day 2: Friday, November 8

Case studies – present and future applications

  • Morning 1: Hazard maps (USGS, Powell center, state geological surveys) 
  • Morning 2: Emergency management planning (FEMA) 
  • Lunch w/posters 
  • Afternoon 1: Risk based design (Vertical evacs, building codes, tsunami loads, insurance) 

Workshop Planning Committee

The Tsunami Topical Workshop conveners have decades of combined tsunami research experience and bring multi-disciplinary, global perspectives to guide the planning process.

Ignacio Sepulveda
San Diego State University

Diego Melgar, University of Oregon

Diego Melgar
University of Oregon

Dan Cox
Oregon State University

Shubharoop Ghosh
ImageCat, Inc

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