Partnerships and Applications

Creating a collaborative pipeline from science to society

Mission Statement

Partnerships and Applications

The Partnerships and Applications Committee (PAC) builds and maintains partnerships with stakeholders, community leaders, and educational efforts, to ensure that center-derived products and information lead to societal resilience. They aim to develop, strengthen, and expand center “science-to-society pipelines” in the Pacific Northwest. To achieve this, the PAC leverages existing efforts such as the Cascadia Lifelines Program (CLiP) and Cascadia Coastline and Peoples Hazards Research Hub (CoPes Hub) as well as builds partnerships with the private sector, the communities affected by hazards, and local, state and federal agencies all with the purpose of creating more a more resilient and prepared society throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Image from the Washington Geological Survey (Washington State DNR).
Tsunami drill in coastal Oregon (Photo Credit: Rob WItter).

Major Activity

Community Partner Meetings

In each year of the center, we will hold one to two-day meetings, combining presentations from community partners about their organizations, projects, and needs, as well as presentations about CRESCENT science updates and goals. The aim is for collaborators from each of the science working groups to focus on learning about community partners’ work, primary concerns, and interests in CRESCENT science challenges, to create bi-directional communication about needs and science results.

Special Programs

CLiP webinars

CRESCENT is partnering with the Cascadia Lifelines Program (CLiP) to provide webinars for practicing engineers, industrial scientists, and policy makers. Webinars showcase advances in seismic hazard assessment and infrastructure design, and how such advances may impact building codes and policy. These webinars are free to the community.

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Seattle OEM
Cascadia Lifelines Program (CLiP)
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
Redwood Coast Tsunami
Work Group
Washington State Dept of Natural Resources
Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
Link Oregon
California Dept. of Conservation
Cal Poly Humbolt

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Meet The Team

Partnerships and Applications Committee

CRESCENT recognizes that the goal of hazard research is to support the public good. The Partnerships and Applications Committee ensures CRESCENT’s scientific discoveries are translated and delivered to communities and stakeholders in a meaningful and actionable way. It also ensures that this communication process is continuous and bi-directional.

Lori Dengler
Cal Poly Humboldt

Michael Olsen, Oregon State University

Michael Olsen
Oregon State University

Valerie Sahakian, University of Oregon

Valerie Sahakian
P&A Program Lead
University of Oregon

Pieter-Ewald Share, Oregon State University

Pieter-Ewald Share
Oregon State University

Andy Clifford
P&A Program Manager
University of Oregon

Rob Witter
United States Geological Survey

Alex grant, US Geological Survey

alex grant
United States Geological Survey

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