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5/13-14/2024: Community Velocity Model Topical Workshop

Meeting Goals An online workshop to update the community on CRESCENT CVM goals and broaden the participation of/interaction with the Cascadia-focused research community. The workshop will include presentations and discussions on existing velocity models, velocity model creation workflows, model validation techniques, and uses of velocity models by various sub-disciplines and communities to further research agendas. We look to solicit feedback and create potential collaborations that can contribute to the success of the CRESCENT CVM by learning from prior experiences and better understanding community needs, uses, considerations, and potential pitfalls. Meeting Resources Proceedings coming soon. Agenda Note: all times Pacific Time DAY 1: Monday, May 13th 8:00-8:10am | Introduction to CRESCENT

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Crescent Kickoff Poster OCT23-25 2023

10/23-25/2023: CRESCENT Kickoff Meeting

10/23-10/25 2023
University of Oregon

CRESCENT Kickoff Meeting Registration Meeting Venue The 2023 CRESCENT Kickoff meeting will be held at the Erb Memorial Union, University of Oregon on October 23-25, 2023.  Remote participation The meeting will be in-person with options for remote participation on the first day.  If you are interested in joining us remotely for Day 1 of the meeting on October 23rd from 8:30am PT to 5 pm PT you can register for virtual attendance here.  A few days before the meeting we will send you the zoom webinar access information. Registration Fees There is no registration fee for the CRESCENT kickoff meeting. Cancellation or changes If your plans change and you are no longer

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Diego Melgar, University of Oregon

10/01/2023: Director’s Welcome

Welcome Letter from Director Diego Melgar: “…CRESCENT…represents a grassroots effort on the part of scientists, educators, and community members to come together and speak with one voice. To organize and unify efforts across our region so that we can build new knowledge, share it openly, create a sense of community and belonging, and build up our earthquake culture.”

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8/18/2023: NSF announces CRESCENT award

“The new CRESCENT and SCEC awards provide regional-scale platforms for scientists to advance frontier research on earthquake processes and enable partnerships to translate that research to improved public safety. CRESCENT and SCEC will also support major workforce development activities to train a broad and inclusive cross section of students and early-career scientists,” — Maggie Benoit, a program director in the Division of Earth Sciences.  Read the NSF press release here. Coverage from participating colleges:

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