Small Grants

2024 Seed Grant Awards

The CRESCENT Seed Grant Program has the dual goals of broadening community participation and increasing the breadth of scientific investigations related to the center’s goals. The center invited the community to participate through a proposal call to address key scientific challenges identified through CRESCENT’s three major pillars. This year we had 42 seed grant applicants of which 14 were funded.

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11/7-8/2024 CRESCENT Topical Workshop – From hazard to risk: The science of planning for future tsunamis

This cross-disciplinary workshop will review state-of-the-art of tsunami risk assessments, scientific gaps, and technical advancements to be implemented in the future. Designed to be of interest to participants from different scientific and engineering fields, the workshop will address four core themes.

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5/13-14/2024: Community Velocity Model Topical Workshop

Meeting Goals An online workshop to update the community on CRESCENT CVM goals and broaden the participation of/interaction with the Cascadia-focused research community. The workshop will include presentations and discussions on existing velocity models, velocity model creation workflows, model validation techniques, and uses of velocity models by various sub-disciplines and communities to further research agendas. We look to solicit feedback and create potential collaborations that can contribute to the success of the CRESCENT CVM by learning from prior experiences and better understanding community needs, uses, considerations, and potential pitfalls. Meeting Resources Proceedings coming soon. Agenda Note: all times Pacific Time DAY 1: Monday, May 13th 8:00-8:10am | Introduction to CRESCENT

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9/11/2023: UofO OVPRI Announcement

The first National Science Foundation-funded subduction zone earthquake science center is a large-scale collaborative effort led by the University of Oregon.

The Cascadia Region Earthquake Science Center (CRESCENT) will conduct shoreline-crossing earthquake hazards research focused on the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ), diversify the geoscience workforce, provide skills training, and improve connections across the subduction zone geohazards community of practice.

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