Andy Clifford

6/27/2024: Partnerships & Applications Workshop

Meeting Purpose Our inaugural Partnerships and Applications Workshop on June 27, 2024 is designed to bring together representatives from communities concerned with Cascadia earthquake hazards resilience and research, including local, state and federal agencies, tribal organizations, emergency managers, utilities, industry, non-profits, and educational institutions. Through speaker and poster presentations and interactive discussion sessions, we will identify these groups’ various needs as they relate to a better understanding of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. CRESCENT science working group representatives will give updates on center research and milestones for the current 5yr NSF funding cycle. Through this forum we aim for participants to identify: (i) the CRESCENT research/products most beneficial to their organization […]

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GEI Twinning Program

Project Director Applications for the GEI Twinning Program are now open!

We are seeking faculty with a well-defined undergraduate research project to introduce and guide a student from a minoritized community through the research process. Faculty must be committed to working with their intern for the duration of the year-long GEI Twinning Program (September 2024 to August 2025).

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5/13-14/2024: Community Velocity Model Topical Workshop

Meeting Goals An online workshop to update the community on CRESCENT CVM goals and broaden the participation of/interaction with the Cascadia-focused research community. The workshop will include presentations and discussions on existing velocity models, velocity model creation workflows, model validation techniques, and uses of velocity models by various sub-disciplines and communities to further research agendas. We look to solicit feedback and create potential collaborations that can contribute to the success of the CRESCENT CVM by learning from prior experiences and better understanding community needs, uses, considerations, and potential pitfalls. Registration Registration is now closed. Please stay tuned for upcoming topical workshop opportunities. Agenda Note: all times Pacific Time DAY 1: Monday,

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