Program Overview

The GEI Twinning Program is a year-long research experience aimed at fostering participation of undergraduates from minoritized communities in subduction zone science and hazards research. Funding students to focus year-round on research differentiates our program from typical research internships and thus increases the likelihood of lasting student impact. Engagement in funded, mentored research experiences is directly tied to increased retention of underserved students in the STEM pipeline. Because the program supports students year-round, students do not need to find employment outside of their focused-STEM scholarly activities. The focus of this program is a “twinning” model where the student participates in a research project involving more than one institution. The student is thus introduced to different mentors and a mode of scientific collaboration that closely mimics real-world experiences. Through experiential learning, undergraduate students will gain valuable, high-impact research experience and build their oral and written scientific communication skills.

Each student will have a well-defined project and two mentors, one who is the Project Director and one who is considered the ‘Twin’ mentor. The Project Director is the one who proposed the research project and who will lead the project. The Project Director will be the primary mentor to the student. The Twin mentor can be a known collaborator to the Project Director or simply someone from the student’s home institution willing to support the student throughout the program. Students are supported by a monthly stipend as well as travel funds to the Project Director’s institution and to attend a major scientific conference. 

Program Outline

Initial activities: When the program starts in the fall, each student participates in research-adjacent skill-building curriculum with their CRESCENT cohort such as a programming bootcamp, scientific writing, and oral communication skills training, all of which will be delivered online. Mentors will complete a training module in culturally aware mentoring practices.

Year-long research: During the academic year, students will carry out independent work at their home institution supervised by their Project Director and Twin mentor. They will be encouraged to organize weekly calls between their two mentors to discuss research progress. Students will engage with their cohort through monthly activities and asynchronous collaboration tools such as Slack.

Summer activities: During the summer, students will have option to travel to the Project Director’s institution to finish the research project or to continue working at their home institution.

Post-summer activities: Students will be encouraged and funded to present their research results atthe CRESCENT meeting and at disciplinary society meetings.

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Project Directors


We are seeking faculty with a well-defined undergraduate research project to introduce and guide a student from a minoritized community through the research process. Faculty must be committed to working with their intern for the duration of the year-long GEI Twinning Program (September 2024 to August 2025).

For questions contact Shannon Fasola (sfasola@uoregon.edu), GEI Program Manager.

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